Sustainable Building Approach

Environmental Sustainability

Our green approach delivers green living by taking design inspiration from nature to incorporate buildings with the landscape and creating sustainable zero and low energy homes. We are committed to provide products and services that benefit our next generation and serve our community in the future.

Social Sustainability

Citrine Homes creates homes for individuals, families, and communities. We prioritise on establishing and maintaining a close-knitted community relationship by providing shared public amenities to communities, continuously consulting with communities to better serve the public, and incorporating community heritage and characteristics into building design and usage.

Economic Sustainability

Our team prioritizes Value for Money (VfM) for our clients. We are committed to deliver the best service and product for our clients for the resources they have devoted. We believe that VfM is not based on achieving the minimum price but about finding the right balance between economy, efficiency and effectiveness.

Commitments to Design Artistry

Continuous Architectural Innovation

We believe contemporary architectural style does not necessarily entail wide frameless window, open floorplan or simplistic color. To us, contemporary home represents a design ideal that facilitates the modern lifestyle of Vancouverites. Our contemporary homes are designed to enable a comfortable and flexible living environment that stresses naturalistic and sustainable living.


Our approach focuses on the most important aspect of contemporary living: space. CitrineSpace design prioritizes on fulfilling the varied and individualized needs of the occupiers by analyzing the developing innovative special configuration. We believe that modernistic spatial planning – CitrineSpace – can greatly enhance liveability and sustainable green living for families. 

Our Core Values


Our word is our bond. Integrity is the foundation of who we are and everything we do. Trust is earned through transparency and authenticity.


The betterment of people, community, and spaces is what drives us. Our passion shows in the care and commitment we put into every aspect of our work.


We are fearless and strong in pursuing continuous improvement. Our innovations are purposeful, practical, reliable, and enduring.

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