Innovation & Quality

Our Philosophy

At Citrine Homes, our passion is to create much more than a home, but rather memorable landmarks within our communities. As developers, we believe that “form” possesses the transcendent ability to reveal the true character of our built product. A sunshine stone of Citrine always brings an uplifting and energetic vibe to the room. We are driven to create multi-sensorial experiences that begin with form as their foundation, and to use timeless architecture and craftsmanship to create sculptural movement through both form and space. Finding inspiration from nature, we create Citrine Homes to bring the energy of the Citrine crystal to families and communities.

Our Core Values


Our word is our bond. Integrity is the foundation of who we are and everything we do. Trust is earned through transparency and authenticity.


The betterment of people, community, and spaces is what drives us. Our passion shows in the care and commitment we put into every aspect of our work.


We are fearless and strong in pursuing continuous improvement. Our innovations are purposeful, practical, reliable, and enduring.

Future Driven

Our green approach delivers green living by taking design inspiration from nature to incorporate buildings with the landscape and creating sustainable zero and low energy homes. 

We know that the environment, family and communities are inextricably linked, and we all have the responsibility of building a better future. In order to provide a secure future for our families, our customers and those who make our community whole, we are committed to finding better ways to build.

Now, doing what we do best – we are taking the trust we’ve built in creating multi-family units, and applying it to our endless pursuit to construct high-quality products. As experts in the industry, Citrine Homes continues to build more time-tested and award-winning spaces that speak to the heightened confidence in our brand.